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The Three Major Principles in Conflict

April 26, 20234 min read

The sad thing about life is when people realize that it is too late to fix an issue. These are issues that they can avoid, especially involving their loved ones.

Value, family, and emotional conflicts go on like they have no end and are never a good thing. Unfortunately for most, it’s a cycle that seems impossible to break.

Conflict is a part of life. It can arise in any individual’s personal and professional interactions with strangers.

Conflict can be challenging to manage, and worse, if not resolved effectively. It can lead to tension and hostility, leading to a broken relationship.

This communication skills training guide will discuss the three major principles of conflict resolution.

By following these crucial principles, you can manage conflicts more effectively and resolve them to benefit everyone involved.

What exactly is conflict resolution?

Conflict resolution is when two particular parties set aside their differences and reach an agreement.

However, certain factors, such as cultural differences and past experiences, can come into play. These differences make conflict resolution flow more complex.

Here’s a quick guide to conflict resolution for beginners.

How important is conflict resolution?

The ability to resolve disputes is an important life skill. Whether you are dealing with a co-worker or family member, your reactions must be appropriate and respectful. This can help people to understand you and build trust between you and your peers.

How do I improve my conflict resolution skills?

There are several resources that individuals like yourself can utilize when undergoing communication skills training.

Be sure to try and look for the one that suits you best and use them if you want to be both a communicative and effective negotiator.


Is there a need to train my communication skills during tension between peers?

You always need to improve your communication skills, and this situation is no different. You want people around you to understand what’s happening so they can help if needed or offer their input when it comes to creating solutions for problems.

It will not be easy, that is certain, but it CAN be worth it.

Here are the three critical principles people need to understand when undergoing communication skills training for conflict resolution.

1. Adjust Yourself

Imagine blending yourself in a situation where you have zero ideas of what’s going on. Still, you decided to give your thoughts anyway and did more harm than good to what is already an ever-delicate problem.

Regarding communication skills training for conflict resolution, it is essential to be mindful of your situation and how everyone else feels. Then, the decision-making process will smoothly proceed and become unbiassed.

In other words, conflicts are inevitable, but understanding the whole story can help resolve them.

2. Build Trust

“The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose” is a common saying. However, the need for trust in the people around you is more relevant, especially regarding conflict resolution.

When you build a relationship of honesty and respect, trust will follow.

Transparency also contributes to establishing trust with the people around you. Be sure to exercise such a trait when undergoing communication skills training. The last word you want to be associated with is “Suspicion.”

3. Consider the Future

As crucial as resolving conflict, you should also look into the situation and people involved after fixing it.

After all, you cannot just fix a ruined relationship and walk away. The negotiator’s responsibility is to be aware of his duty to ensure that the issue is resolved before declaring the case is closed.

What if they refuse to provide you with underlying factors during the resolution?

It should always be considered when taking communication skills training on conflict resolution, as these are essential for preventing more significant problems from emerging.



Conflict resolution is essential for building up practical communication skills. By understanding and applying the three crucial principles of conflict resolution, you can improve your ability to communicate with others, resolve problems, and build stronger relationships.

With adequate communication skills training and a healthy mindset, you can be a master negotiator in your own right.

ResolutionWorks is here to help you with that understanding, offering you numerous courses on effective resolution techniques and resources to further improve your communication skills training game.

So whether you’re just starting or looking for a refresher course, you are welcome to try out every class that will suit your needs. To begin resolving conflicts like a pro today, visit

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