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Services for Individuals

Personal Visioning, Coaching, & Mentoring

This custom designed coaching program includes

establishing a personal vision and supporting you

in achieving it. This is a custom designed program

using personal coaching and the “Resolutionary”

online program to develop your resolutionary skills.

Services for Couples

“Using you was the best approach we could have taken both personally and financially given our complicated situation of investments, debts and business interests. You assessed the processing we needed. You played many roles: fair witness; expert listener; synthesizer and clarifier; grapher and astute questioner. Your skillful ability allowed us to make difficult decisions we had to own. I am amazed at your patience, fortitude and ability to remain clear-headed. Thanks to you I can move forward with my life with the sense of successfully completing a difficult transition in the best possible way.”

Stewart offers several other programs for couples.

Two of the most popular programs are:

Getting Along

This program creates operational agreements

for couples in trouble; or empowering

agreements for couples that want to thrive.

Divorce Resolution

This service provides painless, caring,

supportive, and effective resolution through

the entire divorce process. Stewart is a trained

divorce mediator and can do the impossible.

Custom Designed Services

For any organization or community we will design a learning experience, intervention or cultural change

program using a combination of the learning programs and personal facilitation.

Programs for Organizations

We will custom design and facilitate

programs for groups of people going

through the experience and we

can provide a license for the organization.

Representative custom design programs

Managing by Agreement: the new MBA

We often waste time and end up in conflict with people we need to work closely with. We never learned how to craft effective agreements that specify what we’re doing together

  • Learning the ten essential elements of effective agreements
  • Beginning with a vision of where you are going
  • Creating deep and satisfying partnerships
  • Acquiring tools that allow you to stay productive

Top Performing Technical Skills

To Management Excellence

Making the Transition

Most organizations promote their top performing technical people into management roles without proper training or orientation even though the skill set required to succeed as a manager of others is just the opposite of what it took to succeed as an accountant, programmer, designer or lawyer.

  • How to refocus your attention for success
  • Using your strengths to succeed
  • Getting it done through others
  • Delegation – what, why, how
  • Avoiding the common traps

The Art of Negotiating: Crafting

Win/ Win Agreements

Life is one large negotiation – both personal and professional. Most people think that a negotiation is something you need to win while the other loses. They fail to recognize what the most powerful

negotiators live by.

  • How to craft win / win agreements
  • The importance of leaving something on the table
  • Developing the most powerful negotiating too

Executive Retreats – Finish Quickly,

Enjoy the Time

Quickly discover what needs to be done to get

you where you want to be and design the path

to it. Providing the right context that engages

contribution is a key to desired outcomes.

  • Alignment
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Mission, Vision,
  • Agreement for Results

Hi-Speed Collaboration:

The Miracle of Agreements for Results

Collaboration is the source of all productivity. This program will give you the tools to quickly establish a joint vision and create a road-map to the results you want. It will get you on track together, and

enable you to stay on track.

  • 10 Essential Elements of Agreements for Results
  • The Power of “AND” over “OR”
  • Have all the Steps in Place
  • Resolving conflict with a new agreement

Designing and Facilitating Large

Meetings that Work

Move your large group through critical

meetings by keeping them engaged, empowered and entertained as they learn. There is definitely an art to designing the kind of experience that generates the outcome you want. I will work with the best to make that happen.

  • Efficiency
  • Engagement
  • Traction
  • Movement

The Power of Request:

Productivity Beyond Expectation

All accomplishment begins with a request. The trick is to make requests that are irresistible.

  • How to make requests people say yes
  • How to move from yes to making the request come alive
  • Turning requests into agreements
  • Resolving conflict with a new agreement

Saving the Real Cost of Conflict –

Stop “Stewing” and Start Talking

Moving people to engagement from posturing by teaching them how to ask them the right questions of themselves and others.

  • Four Fold Way
  • Assessing Risk
  • Assessing real cost
  • Designing the Process

Team Requires Clarity: Building the

High Performance Organization

To build a high performance organization you can’t have any loose bolts. This program will tighten every bolt, and show you how to keep them tight.

  • Team defined: Are you really a team?
  • Resolution and Agreement
  • The value of Instant Feedback
  • Falling in Love with Teammates

Positive Attitude – Get It, Keep It

and Work It

Knowing what to think and learning how to continue thinking it.

  • Using your brain for change
  • Reframin
  • Installing new software
  • Keeping the goal in sight

Programs for Law Firms

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